Cape to Cape walk Dec 2018 to Jan 2019

Flying over Uluru on flight from Alice Springs to Perth
Day 2 walking from Deepdene campsite to Boyanup Forest
Looking back to Cape Leeuwin
Looking forward to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse which is peeping over the hill

Dunsborough and home 4th Jan 2019

Sugarloaf rock, where the redtailed tropic bird nests – its only nesting site way out of the tropics. We didn’t see it despite peak nesting season

We did the amazing last day from Mt Duckworth to Sugarloaf Rock (where the redtailed tropicbird nests) up to Cape Naturaliste then around the corner then along the top of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge along a series of nature trails and into Dunsborough. Vegetation today was different, walking east with bays to our north, with clay soils protected from the wild seas of the west.

Gannet Rock lunch stop – what a relief to sit down

Delicious mushroom salad at Dunsborough and Nick drank locally brewed beer. On the bus soon. Our timing was perfect although we were tired and stressed along the way with no margin for error (even a drizzle of rain overnight made me think we couldn’t do it). Turned out a perfect day with even the beach walking on firm sand and a final dip near Kabbijup.

Toilet and tank at Mt Duckworth. Despite plenty of clean and well-maintained pit toilets there was paper at almost every campsite
Track marker

Last night Mt Duckworth 3rd Jan 2019

Another long and beautiful day walking up the coast. I was braced for a hard day so pleasantly surprised. Wonderful names of surf beaches: super roll, guillotine, gallows, pea break.
Birdies today: western thornbill, silvereye, hobby.
Beach spinifex, shark tooth wattle (acacia litoralis), swish bush (Viminaria juncea), Jacksonia horridis (no common name but a common and spiky pea).

Exhausted Nick after another 23km walk

Forecast for Dunsborough tomorrow 19 degrees. Amazing good fortune for us trying to walk 25km then catch the bus. Today and yesterday likewise were cloudy and reasonably cool; it would not have been possible to do this walk at 38 degrees as we considered doing two years ago.

Best bird site was Ellenbrook where we saw red winged fairy wren and fan tails. I’m still hoping to see white winged fairy wren.

Shower today at Yallingup Beach was refreshing and I now feel clean despite my filthy clothes. Nick had chocolate florentine instead (and ice cream at Hamelin Bay, lime tart at Prevelly, sesame slice at Gracetown). We didn’t bring quite enough food for such long walks each day.

Why is there toilet paper on the ground? What do people think when they leave it on the ground?

Sleeping under the stringy melaleuca tonight. Guidebook says it’s Rottnest Island tea tree (Melaleuca lanceolata).

Melaleuca lanceolata Rottnest Island tea tree grove – lovely shady campsites

Trees we slept under

First night Peppermint
Second night Yate (Boranup forest lookout)
Third night Melaleuca stout tea tree (Melaleuca huegelii) (Redgate Beach)
Fourth night Karri trees along Ellenbrook Creek
Fifth night Melaleuca again but these trees have flowers and papery rather than stringy bark… Moses hilltop campsite.

Interesting tree we sat under to eat lunch today 3rd Jan; I couldn’t identify it although almost certain it was Eucalyptus. Nick pointed out that the leaves didn’t smell.

Unknown tree we ate lunch under – probably Eucalyptus cornuta (Yate) although the bark was stringy all the way to the top. Wide mallee growth made magnificent shade, a pity other people had thought it made a good dump for their waste

Moses Rock campsite 2nd January

A lovely surprise that Madeleine and family arrived in a minibus as we were picking up our fooddrop at Gracetown. They stopped walking at Prevelly with blisters and migraine.

Lovely little brook running to the ocean – Miamup Brook – but much shallower than it appears

Highlights today were heath scrub, cloudy day making walking more pleasant, my effort to get wet in Mialup Brook (flowing well and a deep red colour, but less than a hand breadth deep), and Ellensbrook Homestead and Meekadarrabie Creek. Feels like more than a half day ago as we have walked so far and seen so much since.

Happy New Year 1st Jan 2019

We walked from Redgate Beach through Prevelly to Ellensbrook. I swam in the sea and at Boodjinup Creek Devil Hole and in Ellenbrook. Hot and tiring but wonderful views and lizards (southern sand heath monitor and shingle back). Lots of people wanted to talk to us and four hikers coming south on the track.

Madeleine and family still walking per phone call to parents though finding the heat and distance quite trying. Amazing for little Annika age nine.